June’s DoodleProblem

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Island crossing!

It is summer and four friends go to visit an island for the day. The four friends are late for dinner, so we need to help them get back quickly! 

The four friends must all get back to the mainland on two little rowing boats. They are all on the island at the end of the day.

Each rowing boat carries one person maximum at any time.

DoodleMaths boat

It is quite dark in the evening and they have just one lamp. When they are travelling, they must carry a lamp to see the way.

A pair must row together at the rate of the slower friend as they are sharing the lamp.

  • Belle takes 1 minute to row across
  • Hugo takes 2 minutes to row across
  • Zara takes 7 minutes to row across
  • George takes 10 minutes to row across


The fastest solution takes 17 minutes for all of the friends to get back to the mainland.

The second fastest solution takes 21 minutes for all of the friends to get back to the mainland.


How is this done?


Let us know what you think! 

Happy Doodling!


Article by Laura Young-Santos

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