Why releasing the ‘new’ DoodleMaths is like renovating a house

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We hope that all teachers, parents and children have had a fantastic summer holiday. The summer has been no time to rest here at DoodleMaths – as the academic year begins, our development and curriculum teams are excited to share with you our new additions!  

Why releasing the ‘new’ DoodleMaths is like renovating a house

The ‘new’ DoodleMaths has been much like renovating a house with new everything: wiring, plumbing and a new roof (new features and interface, as well as background improvements to speed things up and create a smaller app for storing on your devices). We have built all this with a huge family living on-site (our existing customers). This ‘plumbing and wiring’ has been a lot of the work, but very necessary in order to pave the way for DoodleEnglish – what you might call our new extension. Our backend systems – the heart of our house – need to be able to handle all our existing family, and many new members too – moving into and using the new extension (as well as the old). The new look and feel you see is simply the final touch, like the painting and decorating. We hope you like it!   New DoodleMaths   On the other hand, our new extension – the much-awaited DoodleEnglish – is a new build. We have built it from scratch with no old wiring to rip out and no-one onsite whilst we build it. I’m not saying that there won’t be a snagging list, but its release next week will be smooth in comparison. DoodleSpell I spent yesterday evening once again testing curriculum on DoodleEnglish, and I am so excited about how much this is going to help children with SPAG and comprehension. If you are familiar with the new National Curriculum for spelling, punctuation and grammar you will be aware that it is very dry – DoodleEnglish will be a fantastic way to engage and motivate children. I must admit to having picked up a few things myself!   Nicola Co-Founder of DoodleMaths   Have you got any questions about DoodleMaths? Please do visit our knowledge base where our customer care team share with you the latest on our developments. Parents, you can find this here. Teachers, you can find this here.

Article by Laura Young-Santos

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